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SASCO's purchasing group works under the following principal standards for all materials, tools, and products to support our field labor force and project needs:

• In the right Form

• To the right Place

• At the right Time

• At the right Price

SASCO has become the industry leader through cultivating more than four decades of high-level relationships built on integrity, trust, and accountability with the industry's top manufacturers, reps, suppliers, and distribution companies. With our "Big Buy Stock Material Program" and project buyout bundling, we are able to better control costs and ensure product deliveries meet project schedules and budgets. We continually work with manufacturers to develop and design laborsaving products and methods to reduce prime cost.

Through our knowledge, wisdom, experience, and relationships, we have developed several laborsaving tools, devices, means, and methods to improve our performance and lower overall installed costs. Striving for efficiency, we use our fabrication, prefab, and packaging shop to bundle pre-assembled assemblies and ship by floor and area, resulting in less handling labor and trash, allowing project schedules to be met, and reducing job site storage areas and installed cost.

We are constantly evolving to bring our customers the value and benefits they expect from SASCO. We understand the importance of each project's specific needs and design challenges. Working with our suppliers and major manufacturers, we are uniquely suited to customize solutions that directly address our clients' design assist/build needs. We offer carefully crafted levels of service for these needs with our "good," "better," and "best" option plans.

SASCO's financial strength and buying power gives us the advantage to purchase and release orders earlier, which control costs. We organize, prefabricate, package, bundle and stage our deliveries for projects in our 235,000-sqft facility. Union electricians handle the assembly and staging for project materials in a controlled, clean, safe warehouse environment for timely project deliveries. This process is key at driving down cost, reducing site man-hours, which reduces liability and increases productivity. We work with the latest technology and cutting edge products to help streamline this process. All these variables are factors that allow us to be the best at what we do.