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SASCO understands the importance of supporting the project team during Preconstruction on any successful construction project, and we know that this effort is essential in the construction of facilities. We believe the best delivery method is to select, early on, a quality MEP team to assist the Owner's design team in completing the design documents, developing detailed coordination drawings, participating in the value analysis process, and jointly developing the final project construction documents and construction budget.

As an integral part of the MEP coordination team, SASCO will work diligently with the other trades to develop a comprehensive project plan during the Preconstruction Phase. SASCO is uniquely qualified to support every aspect of the electrical and low voltage systems scope of work. Additionally, SASCO's "in-House" Scheduling Group is highly qualified in formal scheduling techniques and Baseline Schedule development. The Group is readily available to support the MEP coordination team in the development of the comprehensive plan.

Successful projects start with a world-class team. Our in-house staff of estimators, engineers, purchasing agents, and administrative staff will work to support these key individuals as required to complete the preconstruction activities.

  Design Activity
  Coordination & Detailing Activities
  Constructability Reviews
  Budget Updates & Scheduling
  Preconstruction Organization Structure