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SASCO will participate in the coordination and detailing activities as deemed appropriate. Refer to our Project Organizational Breakdown for our team organization during this effort.

SASCO's project team will be intimately involved with the coordination and detailing efforts for all major trades. Our project teams are selected based on their project experience and their ability to communicate and solve problems with other key trades. Our teams possess a thorough understanding of the trades that integrate with electrical and low voltage systems. We know how to anticipate potential conflicts and develop solutions on paper that are constructible in the field.

Our Project General Foreman will be assigned as the Lead Detailer, responsible for all coordination efforts and deliverables for the detailed electrical and low voltage drawings. By placing the General Foreman in charge of this work, we establish the project ownership with the person ultimately responsible for building those systems that carry through to construction completion. The General Foreman applies his hands-on experience and knowledge of actual field conditions, resulting in coordinated detail drawings.

Based on our experience with coordination and detailing on projects, in conjunction with the project's proposed schedule and estimated quantities, our General Foreman will be adequately supported by a senior CADD operator/designer and detailers throughout the detailing process. One unique aspect is that all personnel assigned to the coordination and detailing effort will be SASCO employees.

It is essential to obtain vendor input at the earliest possible stage during the coordination process. For the electrical scope of work, SASCO recommends including vendors for the following equipment:
  • Switchgear
  • Generator Sets
  • Light Fixtures
  • Generator Control Switchgear and ATS
  • Systems

SASCO will meet with the project design team to further define requirements for the equipment listed above. We will then solicit bids from vendors for each equipment type, and the bids will be screened for completeness. Following evaluation, SASCO will present the recommended vendors for approval. SASCO will ask the selected vendors to provide input to the electrical and low voltage systems detailing process by attending MEP coordination meetings as appropriate. Vendor representatives will be made available through SASCO and the project team as required throughout the project. This system ensures accurate equipment information for all trades involved as well as the Project Design Team.

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