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PROJECT MANAGEMENT AT SASCO - President of the Project
SASCO has developed a solid management team, backed by some of the most advanced computer technology available in the marketplace today, and we are constantly evolving and improving our management style. A key factor in this success is our goal of reducing the overall costs associated with electrical construction work. By avoiding and/or reducing the effect of problems routinely encountered on projects, we have proven that a customer can achieve the quality of product desired, get the project completed on schedule, and maintain project cost within budget. None of these goals can be consistently achieved without sound planning and scheduling, or the Work Breakdown Structure Approach.

The Work Breakdown Structure is the key component to our fully integrated management approach. During the initial planning stage, a project is broken down into several levels, first into sub-projects, then into phases, and eventually into individual tasks. At the task level, the work to be performed is broken down further; skill level of people needed to perform the tasks, material associated with the task, and tools required to perform the installation are identified. Our proprietary project management system allows us and our customers to benefit from the following:
The assurance of knowing what is going on at all times. Early warning of potential problems can be addressed and application of corrective solutions implemented, benefiting the overall project.

Customers can feel comfortable that the project resources are used effectively and quality can be assured and monitored.

Customers can have confidence that the appropriate tools are in place to monitor the work, allowing accountability down to the smallest task level.

SASCO system reports are available when needed. This documentation will provide the visibility for all project activities, status, and anticipated results. The reports can provide the assurance that project goals are being achieved.
Our past performance validates that our success is directly related to the quality, schedule, and cost control measures instituted and pursued throughout our organization. It is through these tools that we are able to relentlessly pursue positive outcomes on our projects.

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