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A key element of the SASCO safety program is accountability. All levels of SASCO management are held accountable for safety at a higher level than they are held accountable for with production and scheduling.

Project Managers are held accountable for accident costs. Because we are team members with owners and general contractors, our Project Managers are also accountable, on a daily basis, to our customers' safety concerns.

SASCO Superintendents are seasoned electricians. They are accountable for safety in much the same way as other SASCO personnel; however, superintendents are linked to the field as well as the office. As a result, Superintendents are accountable for broad safety issues related to OSHA standards and workers' compensation law, as well as to specific, detailed field issues related to safety.

Foremen play the greatest role in SASCO safety accountability. We rely on our employees to do what they are asked. For that reason, we spend significant time and money training our foremen on specific safety issues. These include material handling, forklift/scissor lift/boom safety, ladder safety, fall protection, respiratory protection, hazardous material recognition (Haz-Com), and, of course, electrical safety.

Our Director of Safety is accountable for overseeing the implementation and effectiveness of our overall safety program, education and training programs, code research, safety file maintenance (training, tailgate meetings, accident investigations), workers' compensation issues, and liaison with all trades' safety professionals, insurance professionals, and regulatory agency personnel.

In addition, our safety professionals routinely conduct random unannounced job site visits to ensure safety compliance with our program.

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