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General Foremen and Foremen at SASCO are talented individuals who have the skills required to manage an electrical construction project in today's environment. However, unlike many of our competitors, our Field Supervision is just one part of the team on an individual job site. Our focus is to provide support to our field through a variety of means and methods that have proven effective. We believe in a group mentality when it comes to detailing, planning, and executing our system. This mentality, also known as "gang tackling," helps us provide guidance and support through the job duration. SASCO has also developed an advanced method of assembly (pre-fabrication) and packaging, which allows a Foreman to be more successful in managing his or her workforce. Additionally, we strive to develop our field by providing each individual an environment where he/she can grow into better opportunities.

Our Group mentality is based on the premise that "Not one of us is as good as all of us." As a Foreman at SASCO, one could expect to have interaction with his Group President, Group Executive, Project Manager, Safety Director, and Superintendent, all of whom are working for the same common goal-a safe and successful job. Many jobs have a series of start-up meetings to ensure that all involved understand our scope of work so that in the end, we have provided a quality product to our General Contractors and customers. Typically, the individuals within this team can draw on past experiences, similar jobs in progress, or old-fashioned ingenuity to develop a plan that everyone can implement. As part of this plan, the team works together to create submittals, schedules, an assembly plan, a packaging plan, and a budget. Once the plan is in place, it is everyone's responsibility to track its progress and report change. Plans are typically altered to meet any new job requirements, but not without input from every team member.

Assembly and packaging is a key to our success at SASCO. The benefits of assembly and packaging are numerous. With the electrical industry being as competitive as it is, these systems help us compete with both Union and Non-Union shops. Our assembly, which is done by Union Electricians, enables us to improve efficiency by reducing the total number of people working in limiting jobsite work conditions. The controlled working environment of our assembly area allows us to start work earlier in a projects schedule by starting before the building is ready. After assemblies are built in bulk quantities they are packaged so they can be shipped to the site with exact counts for each area. Together assembly and packaging help the Foreman manage a cleaner, safer, more efficient jobsite. The only limitation is ones imagination making input from all team members essential.

Field development has been, and will always be, crucial to the accomplishments at SASCO. Many of our Foremen started with SASCO as Apprentices and have strived to have a career, not just a job. We have many field employees who have been with us for as long as 30 years. A foundation of opportunity and success has been created wherein we provide the tools and the systems for responsible, motivated, safe, and knowledgeable individuals to carry their careers to the highest level. We also continue to provide opportunity for creative individuals who want to "find a home." Through the mentoring that our Foremen receive from other members of the team and our in-house training program, we have created a work force that is second to none.